Why Choose Tatina

Make Your Chair Work For You

Are you looking for office chairs that can give you more comfort and works for your environment? For all the long hours that you spend at your work desk, you deserve the best comfort and support for your body. 

Tatina’s range of office chairs are thoughtfully designed and created, especially for your ergonomic well-being. 

At Tatina, we believe that our customers are our masterpieces; hence your level of satisfaction is our very measure of success. Your needs are our utmost priority, which also inspires the designers at Tatina to constantly improve our designs that cater to your comfort. We are all about taking your comfort to the next level.

With every Tatina chair that you purchase, you will be pleased from the moment you set your butt on your latest office addition, all the way till the end of your long workday. With sufficient cushioning that is carefully stuffed into each chair, sitting long hours will never feel the same again. Soft and cushy, your butt will feel lightweight like cotton candy, which helps keep you going longer without complains.

Every chair is ergonomically designed, based on our past 20 years of experience and feedback from customers’ needs. The result of our expertise is expressed as the full back support you will enjoy in every Tatina chair you sit on. You will feel fully supported, from your butt to your back area.  No more complaints of stiff necks and frozen shoulders. 

At Tatina, we make every chair work for you, regardless of your height. You can adjust the height of your chair effortlessly with the easy-to-pull lever, so you are seated in proportion to the height of your work desk, for maximum comfort. Our levers are known for their durability after many rounds of testing at our factory before they are fitted onto each chair. Hence, you have the freedom to rough it out with the lever as much as you need, because it is one tough nut to crack!

As Tatina’s valued customer, you are always assured of high quality before-and-after sales service from our friendly and approachable consultants. We believe in building long-term relationships with every customer, based on trust and kindness. We are here to serve you and make your work environment a happier and better place for everyone – and what better way than to start with a chair-rocking experience!

Our consultants are always ready to hear you out and strive to help you get the most out of your Tatina chair-rocking experience. So whenever you need support with your Tatina chairs, you can be assured that help is always a phone-call or email away, from our after-sales support team.

Take charge of your wellbeing today and likewise everyday – raise your standards of comfort with Tatina chairs, because you deserve it.