Our Services

Established since 1992, Tatina has been committed in providing a range of quality services in the furniture industry for sofas and chairs. Based in Singapore, we specialize in manufacturing sofas and office chairs locally from our warehouse and delivering them to our customers’ premises island wide.

Custom-Made Services

One man’s comfort may be another man’s distress. As we understand the importance of making your sofa or chair work for you, and not the other way around – we can help you find your perfect comfort spot in your sofa with our custom-made services. (Disclaimer: Only for the more discerning customers who are adamant about their butt comfort)

Upholstery Services

You may have spent a fortune on your furniture and as like all good things, frequent use over time will cause wear and tear. If you still love your sofa set or office chair so much, perhaps all you need to do is send it for repair. At Tatina, we provide upholstery services for sofas and office chairs. In no time, your favourite furniture set will be looking rejuvenated and all brand-new again.

Mechanism Repair Services

Have you ever bought one of those office chairs that have lasted many years and still looking in mint condition, but the only problem is the lever is not working anymore? We have a quick-fix solution for you with our mechanism repair service. Tell us the brand name and model of your chair; we can almost guarantee to have the solution to get your chair functional and rocking well again.