About Us

Established since 1992, Tatina is a Singapore-based quality brand manufacturer of office chairs. The company’s dedication in every piece of chair that is designed and manufactured has built us a reputation for good quality, chair-comfort experts, amongst our well-esteemed clientele.

Our Philosophy:

At Tatina, we believe in providing good quality service to all our customers, based on trust, friendliness and kindness. We strive to meet our customers’ needs in every Tatina chair that we design and create.

An important driving force at Tatina is our belief that every customer deserves to be treated well, and we strive to achieve this by providing a chair-rocking experience every time!

Our Mission:

Tatina’s mission is to bring more loving kindness and spread the message that every person deserves to be well and cared for; and this is expressed through every chair that we design for our customers.

Your comfort and well being are our utmost priority. With every chair that is carefully handcrafted, we will make sure there are “no butts left behind” for everyone in the office!

Our Vision:

Tatina’s vision is to take chair comfort to the next level and make sure every customer’s well being is taken care of, so as to make every workplace a more pleasant environment.